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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Convert Your Website Into Reality

Within the digital world we live in, websites have become crucial for our society to have an online presence; This has become a vital need for small businesses to increase their potential customers and sales and create a solid and credible figure in the digital world. Today, there is no doubt that a company must have an internet presence to function and spread its products or services.

Having a website is more than you can imagine; it helps your business to get potential customers, increase your sales, compete with big brands, and even control the marketing of your entire business. Without a doubt, having a website provides more solutions than you can imagine.

Because Wise Ant Technologies is 100% dedicated to small businesses, they have become significant developers in web design throughout Brownsville, Texas. Wise Ant Technologies knows that each client is unique and has specific needs, so it develops personalized plans for each of its clients, guided in the best way by its project managers.

Wise Ant Technologies, Generators of Digital Solutions.

At WAT, we adapt to your needs; thanks to our extensive experience in developing, creating, and designing web pages, we can help you build your desired page. From professional design for e-commerce and services to pages with custom plug-ins.

We Design Professional and Custom Websites

Customization creates our projects unique. Wise Ant Technologies specializes in making the client’s necessary tools, from a landing page to a website.

Likewise, we are aware of generating various formats on different devices (desktops, mobile phones, and tablets) to produce global accessibility.

We have extensive experience in the development of landing pages, web page design, eCommerce, and blogs, for which we can produce projects through a Content Management System (CMS) such as:


  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Square Online
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Wise Ant Technologies is located in Brownsville, Texas.

Unique Service

Wise Ant Technologies offers unique and custom services for your projects.


Dedicated exclusively to small businesses.

 The Digital Presence Increases Daily.

The Digital Presence Increases Daily.

Take the Opportunity to Start Your Business Online.

Since the impact of Covid-19, there has been an increase in digital platforms to this day.

Without a doubt, every day that passes, more users join through mobile phones, and consequently, Internet users increase. Only in January 2022, 353 million users are using the internet, and 270.1 million are using social networks in the United States.

This digital impact has created an opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to start a business online and attract customers worldwide.

 The Digital Presence Increases Daily.

Small BusinessĀ Get Found Online

Small companies with websites know that there are more advantages to using an online page than selling locally. When a small business begins to make itself known in the digital world, specific tools are essential to increase its presence in search, convert prospects into customers, understand the market, and more.

Because of this, Wise Ant Technologies has experts who will help you in all processes, from creating a strategy to achieving goals to positioning your company online.

The Advantages of Having a Website

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

The eCommerce sites allow you to make purchases simply, safely, and direct way. In addition, it will enable simplifying the sales process, payment methods, and shipping options.

business marketing

Allows You to Control the Marketing of Your Business

One of the advantages of marketing is simply connecting with customers, knowing the population that views the pages, sending emails with promotions, generating ads, and more.

customer retention

Facilitates Customer Retention

Valuable, up-to-date content attracts new customers and drives customer retention across pages. Strategically generated content makes a difference with your competition and allows users to connect with your brand.

Increase the reach of your business

Increase the Reach of Your Business

SEO is a digital tool that allows you to boost the business’s presence by facilitating access to searches and increasing the traffic of visits to the website.

Create Interconnectivity

Create Interconnectivity

The connection between web pages and social networks is essential to position your brand. This interconnectivity allows for creating strategies and establishing communication with future clients, increasing the brand’s credibility and retaining users on all platforms.

Build credibility for your brand

Build Credibility for Your Brand

The credibility of your brand is what makes people trust your company. A business with high online review rankings allows future customers to trust your products and services.

The Advantages of Having a Website

Updated Content

Updated Content

Updating your website content offers extra value to users. The advantages of creating updated and constant content make recurrence in the audience, therefore, increasing traffic to your site.



Users trust the top places in search engine rankings to indicate a credible and highly recurring site. If you want to create a page with high traffic and clicks, you must plan an SEO strategy.

customer retention

Updated Website

Keeping an updated website allows you to build trust with your customers and increases visitor traffic since it shows a modern and pleasant appearance and, at the same time, demonstrates that it is currently in the market.