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Sales Manango

Create and Monitor Your Company’s Marketing Activities From Anywhere in the World!

SALESmanago offers fantastic tools for growing businesses, like keeping all your contact data in one place and quickly accessing it to develop and customize campaigns. It also allows you to create customer profiles with a 360-degree view based on their behavior and transactions in real-time.

Salesmanago Delivers a Set of Features And Tools That Support Ecommerces By:

SALESManago is a unique platform in the marketing automation industry as it generates a personalized communication approach at the right time and on the right channel.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Engage New Customers Using Multi-Channel Campaigns.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Define How to React to the Behavior of Your Customers.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Automate Your Website to Attract More Visitors With Dynamic Content.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Design Programs to Prepare the Conversion of Potential Customers Towards the Sales Process.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Automatically Increase Sales by Reminding Customers of Products Visited or Added to the Cart.

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Run Customer Activation Campaigns With Dynamically Adjusted Offers and Discounts.

Salesmanago Delivers a Set of Features and Tools
That Support Fashion E-commerces By:

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Profiling And
Segmenting Customers

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Omnichannes Sales

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Shop Conversion

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Process Optimization

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

Marketing Effectiveness

Allows You to Sell Online 24 Hours a Day

E-Commerce Customer Lifecycle Management

Improve Performance of Your E-store
With Solutions Tailored for Each Customer



Launch a dynamic popup with subscription to the newsletter and adjust its appearance depending on the previously viewed categories – different for users interested in woman clothes and different for interested inman clothes.

Dynamic Offers for Anonymous Users

Generate dynamic offers for anonymous users, based on their history of browsed clothes categories and brand, encouraging them to make their first purchase with special discount.


Integrate the user loyalty card registration and purchases to collect online and offline data, build a complete 360o customer profile and support the ROPO and reverse ROPO effect.

Web Push Consent Form

Display Web Push Consent Form after a few seconds spent on the site to then inform about promotional campaigns.


Acquire new contacts by starting contextual conversations in Live Chat – use website automation to open the chat window with the suggestion of help in product selection when the user returns to the trousers category for the 3rd time.


Social Proof

Show the interest in the discounted category of outerwear products – use the social proof functionality, showing how many people are on the coat page at this moment.

birthday campaign

Run a birthday campaign and automatically send a special e-mail with a voucher or a discount for one of favorite clothes.

dynamic emails after visit

Arouse interest thanks to dynamic emails after visit containing recently viewed products enriched with AI & Machine Learning product recommendations.

Automatic Segmentation

Use automatic segmentation to select a group of users who did not make a purchase within 7 days after registration and send them a discount on their first purchase of best-selling products.

Lead Nurturing

Run inspirational lead nurturing campaign to tell your customers about the ecofriendly way of obtaining cotton for your t-shirts, give tips how to match shoes with bags or show how to choose a tie matching the suit and prepare a tutorial on how to tie it.


Cross-selling campaign

Run a cross-selling campaign – after adding to cart leather shoes, display a dynamic popup with a discount for shoe polishes.

chat conversations

Display cosmetics suggestions during chat conversations based on shopping history and website visits, and AI & Machine Learning product recommendations.

Dynamic popup

Launch a dynamic popup indicating the value missing for free delivery and offering accessories at this price.

Recommendation frames on a product page

Use personalized recommendation frames on a product page to display
clothes purchased with the clothes being viewed.

deep behavioral profiling feature

Use advanced deep behavioral profiling features to get the key features of the sportswear that interest the customer – such as color, size, style, sleeve length, etc.