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Build Trust With Your Customers With Great Reviews

Online reviews are evaluations that the public gives to a company under a series of biases of a personal nature; positive or negative, these usually show the quality of the product or service that they have consumed.

Ratings have become crucial for companies since the public tends to guide their opinions and decisions according to the reviews of former consumers to obtain authentic and reliable information on the quality of a product or the satisfaction it generates in the consumer.

In this way, businesses with online or digital stores must increase the value of their reviews to show the quality of their products or services, generate new customer conversions and increase brand value.

Why Do Website Reviews Matter to Boost Business?

The way customers find and select a business has changed. Over 89% of customers research companies online before making a purchase decision due to the ease of conducting an internet search.

Whether a customer saw an ad on social media or was encouraged by a friend, all roads lead to an online search. Google and other search engines evaluate a business’s reviews to prioritize their search rankings. Depending on customer experiences, Google prioritizes search results.

Online Reviews Are a New Method of Boosting Your Business.

Today there are various tools to boost and generate your business reviews. Undoubtedly, customers have taken it as an essential element to create reviews when buying or using a new product or service. That is why small businesses or entrepreneurs should focus part of their sales and marketing strategy on registering online reviews when making a purchase.

Brightlocal revealed an online consumer-generated survey showing that 98% of consumers read reviews of local businesses. Nearly 74% of consumers leave a review, while 88% base their decisions on reviews from other customers.

The Best Opinion Sites to Boost Your Business.

Excellent quality of online reviews boosts your business and makes them visible to a larger population, whether increasing search rankings on Google or your engagement on Facebook.

Google and Facebook are the most famous and visited platforms by users to learn about and do reviews; they are the platforms that should be promoted the most to generate comments about your products or services.

    Google Reviews

    Google Reviews is a tool that collects public reviews and ratings of online businesses. A Google review is made up of a written opinion and a score. These reviews generate a score visible to the public and influence search engine rankings.


    Yelp is a platform that rates local businesses or businesses according to their score and proximity. In addition, this tool allows you to share comments, tips, and photos so that various users can view information about the businesses around them.

    Facebook Reviews

    Facebook review is a tool to create a permanent relationship with customers since it allows them to feel included and listened to. At the same time, it is a sign of transparency in the company, which helps the client to share an authentic experience with thousands of people.

     The Digital Presence Increases Daily.

    Wise Ant Technologies is proud to be a partner with Podium.


    Podium is a platform that offers essential tools for physical and online businesses. This is a helpful service that any company or entrepreneur should have, from inbox to reviews.

    Podium Reviews offers a review management service for the most critical sites, Facebook and Google, for customers to leave reviews easily and quickly without worrying about admiring them. Some benefits of Podium Reviews:


    • Manage your online reputation.
    • Increase communication and relationship with customers and prospects.
    • Build a reputation online.